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vidubiology booklet

Forty page introduction to what vidubiology is about (BG / DE / EN / IS)

vidubiology overview

The vidubiology approach (BGDE, EN, IS)
The vidubiology three modules (BG, DE, EN, IS)

Permission forms (BG, DEEN, IS)

Pre-piloting questionnaire (link)
Post-piloting questionnaire (link)

Module 1: Taking photos (entry task)

Tasksheet for teachers “Plants and animals in the seasons” (BG, DE, EN, IS)
Tasksheet for students “Plants in the seasons” (BG, DE, EN, IS)
Video tutorial “Taking photos” (EN, DE)

Module 2: Photo stories / time-lapse / slow motion (intermediate task)

Task sheet for teachers “Organisms in Action” (BG, DE, EN, IS)
Task sheet for students “Organisms in Action” (BG, DE, EN, IS)
Technicards for students (BG, DE, EN, IS)
Workshop sheet Chester Zoo (EN)

Video tutorial “Editing a photo story with Windows / Android” (DE, EN)
Video tutorial “Editing a photo story with Apple” (DE, EN)
Video tutorial “Time-lapse with Framelapse” (EN)

Module 3: Video documentation (advanced task)

Task sheet for teachers “Creative Video” (BG, DE, ENIS)
Student info cards “Video Production” (BG, DE, EN, IS)

Teacher Training

Teacher Training Package (BG, EN, DE, IS)

vidubiology Case Studies

Case Studies (BG, DE, EN, IS)