Latest: The free 40 page vidubiology booklet: read and download here: BG / DE / EN / IS

vidubiology offers exciting and effective ideas how video and media can support biology learning by providing clear examples of Biological themes suitable for the curriculum of students, and great ways that students can use cameras autonomously and collaboratively to enhance their learning.

vidubiology is a European funded, Erasmus plus project to improve the teaching and engagement with Biology and science, for students at school (10 – 14 years).

Project intros, tasksheets, tutorials are all collected on the content page. Results are on our YouTube playlist and  Flickr channel.

Reaching schools

The vidubiology project is designed to produce innovative pedagogical material for teachers, including teacher training guides, handbooks, case studies and videos that will be, easy to use tools, that will enable teachers to replicate and use the project in classrooms all over Europe.